Argentine, milk and its derivates

No it is not an Italian band that is making a tour in Argentina, but is a way of life that they have here … does not exist something without milk, cheese, butter and so on.
In everything I read there is milk powder, cheese, derivative of cheese, butter and so on and so forth.
I think sooner or later will make Coca Cola cheese here (if Coca Cola Trade company is reading me, I demand the rights to this idea).
I realize that with my strong intolerance to milk, if I do not do a lot of attention to what I ask or what I eat, I find myself to finish my experience sitting inside 4 walls without ever being able to get up (to the wise few words).
But I realize that for them it is a way of life, that I think they should do as the advertising of Breil:
“Take anything but not the cheese.”
I think that’s why they could not help it, when I ask something without cheese or without butter or milk-free, they look at me as if to say “poor how I am sorry for him,” and it bothers me and I have to be to make the face as if to say “yes, it is true I am sorry to me” (then in reality it is true because I grew up with cheese and yogurt).
For example look at the trash here in the picture below:
1) milk and chocolate cake
2) chips and cheese
3) and another thing to milk powder that I did not understand what it is.
In short if you have allergies to milk Argentina is not a country that will make your life easier
P.S. I found out today that there is soy milk here too … but that is not exactly easy to find, unfortunately … but do not give up … I’ll find it.

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