We left that I was taking the plane to Bariloche ….and I did … right now I’m writing from the plane (but I will publish later).
So the route was complicated (those who follow my facebook page you will have already read), because there was bad weather (snowstorm) to Calafate and when I checked in the guy of the company alerted me that could blow up the flight but I have promptly responded “I am optimistic and I feel lucky” …. I was right….. Thank God .
3 hours and over flight and arrive at Buenos Aires Aeroparque … and once again I decided to give a chance to the Hard Rock CafĂ© of the airport … yet another mistake … last time long waits to get something slightly different from the request and that was not so great … but this time I get one requested but was not good and the papas fritas (french fries) were in practice for half burned -.- ‘


They must decide to change cook, and in any case I will change place, even if inside the airport there are no some kind of alternative -.- ‘
Contact friends and family to show that I’m fine and the call comes to my flight.
I discovered that the planes of the national airline, Aerolineas Argentina, have the lights like a disco on board … the LED side and central change color … and I do not understand if they do according to the bad weather the plane encounters (changed from color purple to light blue when there were strong air pockets) or if it is depending on the mood of the driver.

If this last option should be the reality … I sincerely hope that this light blue is a good sign, because before were so

Bariloche I am coming!

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