BOARD DIARY (warm): astral date 30/06/2015

Given the bad weather there was a chance to make a lot of pictures and there were no possibilities of excursions (postponed to today if the weather permits).
The day is spent within the walls of Ushuaia city which is very beautiful and characteristic. The scenario then, which comes in front, is really only to leave you speechless.


Who lives in harmony with himself lives in harmony with the universe. (cit. Marcus Aurelius).
And it is precisely true … almost everyone thinks the summer as a warm place with plenty of sunshine and sea … it is not so … there are places like this to take your breath away and I personally have been several hours walking around (in the eyes of passers-by nothing short of amazed) by the sea (actually the marina) … the feeling cannot be described, but the sounds i can imagine them to you (or at least i can try): the wind …. this was the only sound that came into my ears.
The feeling of loneliness, but at the same time of peace, that gives you, have in front of you a boat tilted to one side (looked abandoned), some birds flying around (in silence) and the surrounding landscape, has not really price … and there is no MasterCard that takes!
Then I penetrated in the country and walking through the city I always saw the cages like this


and I did not understand the reason for all this. At first I thought that, maybe in the summer times, were to put in animals such as rabbits, or chickens or more for them to be outdoors. The truth, unfortunately, is very different (and is also a bitter truth). Here it is very cold … so much … and when I saw this scene all it seemed clearer.

They use these cages for garbage, to prevent them from being scattered and strewn everywhere. Things I have made sense of this situation were two:
people (including me) go alongside these dogs without any kind of reaction, do not prove nor to remove them nor to find a solution for them … and I believe that this indifference is nothing short of awful;
a little further on a huge LED display showed how generous tried to track down the lost dogs with the system of chip and asked for the cooperation of citizens to vaccinate their dogs, make regular inspections and so on.
So I think I understand that the problem of stray dogs is not exactly understated, but in part it is tolerated by the people because they too understand that these dogs must still survive somehow.
One last thing: while looking for a supermarket (in this regard I will write a tutorial) I came across this guy.

An Italian, which do not remember the name, but I remember his short story. He fell in love with a girl from Argentina and moved to this country. In winter lets the tutor of skiing and had a northern accent. The thing that struck me was that we talked as if we were long-time friends, giving advice to each other and everything … and I wonder: why Italians in our country are not always able to do such a thing, but abroad we all become brothers and sisters?

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