Buenoe Aires: where it all began

Today I finally saw the last city of my trip in Argentina. From here I will go in my next nation in Europe (which actually will be two), but we stay here for now. Argentinian capital that unfortunately in the winter does not forgive anyone, or almost … the time is almost never lenient and between the gray sky and rain (and when it rains here it does seriously) was a real challenge trying to make decent pictures. The only note (maybe) positive I’ll say tomorrow that if all goes as I think I will experience a 110 and praise 😉

It is the classic metropolitan city full of buildings and neighborhoods very special (not to mention some dangerous at certain times).

Much of the beauty is almost entirely concentrated in one part of the city (the center) and personally I enjoyed the area of the Plaza de Mayo


Unfortunately, due to bad weather I am not able to photograph the magnificent Congress but I plan to try it tomorrow, then the area of Boca (where exactly is the stadium of Boca Junior) and especially that part there I really liked the “Caminito” but I would rather take pictures with a bit of sunshine and many more artists on the street … but as I said from the beginning when it rains here are serious 🙁


and the area of “Chancha de boca”. Then other beautiful areas are San Telmo and Puerto Madero (also unfortunately not photographed well for the Flood). I could spend hours and hours talking about Buenos Aires but I prefer to do it another day when I have accumulated many possible stories for now I leave you with a story:

I’m waiting to know if I can have accreditation as a photographer for the match San Lorenzo vs. Gimnasium LP, valid for the championship of Argentina. If it should be so my last large enterprise will go for the photos in this magnificent stadium where typhoid is something unique and then a few minutes before the end of the game to escape the airport to catch the plane … if I were not failed .. I’ll have to find another flight hahahaha (just kidding)

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