Cordoba yes….Cordoba no…..

Arriving in Cordoba by bus (as usual late …. They always delays planes imagine the bus) and just with a taxi I move in the apartment took in an Airbnb. The owner of the house is in Chile (we wrote about whatsapp) and puts me in touch with his neighbor who very kindly makes me go up and shows me the house.
Remember: if it has a good price …. deep down there’s the catch.
The house was not at all in very good condition and the bathroom was not exactly clean … but these are things that can be overcome; … the house is cold …. and then we turn on the electric heater, which heats not a lot but at least the room where I will sleep could be … I turn on the computer and load the phone and “surprise”….. the lights go out (good start!!).
I begin to check fuses and circuit breakers, rip your stove, turn off everything … so desperate, I go to the neighbor who offers to contact the host (a boy college ed.n.) and also to give me a temporary cable.
Of course I refused because I wanted to be sure to have the light … but nothing … one hour goes … still nothing … Meanwhile, I put my “little” that I used the snowy mountains of Ushuaia (yyyy which good memories) and I try to warm myself curled up like a cat on the chair.
He comes closer and tells me the happy news (read this sentence with a great emphasis of irony) which has not been paid the light considering that the university has been out a long time … so I asked to stay free for one night and I would refund the rest of the money (which they has refunded me the same). At this point phone and internet to the hand, I seek right away a hotel and thank (I’m really seriously considering changing the name of the blog in “Misfortune around the world”).

I arrived in my new hotel (super discount on booking dl 86% in spite of bad luck), room good and well heated.
I start to to do a patrol around the city and contact my friends Riccardo and Lucia to remind them that late at night we should go find Diego and Cristina (Do you remember the article by El Chantel?).
As usual, I put myself in agreement with the agency on duty and I book a driver just for me to get around the city and take the best pictures and I rest a moment (when it takes it takes).
The evening comes and Riccardo and Lucia come to find me and we go by taxi to the home of Diego where he promised a unique Asado.



and he kept his promise … judge for yourself


Oh my boys … and I did not the photos of the starters … something unique … and here comes a little gem. Diego and Cristina explained to me that “being manly” of a man is measured by how it can cook the Asado … basically more good, more you are considered a real man. And not to mention the wines we drank from to Sauvignon Malbec (Diego is a connoisseur) … so dinner started around 10:30 pm and ended at approximately 2:30 am in the morning … it was swollen like a balloon in flight.
At this point (and also a little drunk … okay very drunk) back to the hotel and get up very late for a tour of the city … so the only thing to do is see the boys in the evening and stay with them. Arrive on Friday and I dedicate all for the pictures … and thus I’ll show you just some of those made.

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In the evening, exhausted, fall back and rest … The next day I see another 2 friends Gabriel and Vanessa … but I only have time to spoil two delicious “empanade” and then run away at the airport … where obviously my proverbial luck … delay the flight of two hours (but how is it that I cannot still get used to it?) Flight the next destination: Rosario (no … is not my brother but it is a city. … Ed Rosario here is a girl’s name … you know my big brother?)

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