First Day in Argentina: pouring rain

The first day has been a bit so … between rain and wind gusts in version Christmas tree (now yes … now not… and so forth) and considering that it was Sunday, there was not much to do … but this was already planned, one day need to recharge batteries.

Tomorrow I expect a further 5 hours and 30 minutes of flight … the destination? I don’t say you now otherwise tomorrow you don’t click my blog? I am not crazy.

But know that the real adventure will begins right from tomorrow.

Little note … If you were to go from the capital of Argentina, and you were in the neighborhood of Palermo, go to DECATA which is a nice little bakery where you can eat and enjoy something inside. Nothing glitzy and very cheap … I leave you a little souvenir that I found written in their men’s room, here in the picture above.

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