Get lucky occasionally needs


You see this man with the unpronounceable name (and do not say so to speak)? Well … it was the best stroke of luck that could happen to me. The person working at the office of ticket sales to the most important bus company in Argentina: the Taqsa Marga.
This man was my luck, because in less than 30 minutes I held the most important steps to see here in the south … the only problem is that for how they were organized (in a somewhat forced, given the weather conditions) only tomorrow I will have the departure at 5 am and arrive after 20 hours, including travel and stops.
In all this I will have to also pass the Chilean border where they are not very happy every time a bus Argentine steps in their territory (again due to force majeure).
But let us return to him … without speaking and repeating things about 3 times, convinces you that its solution is the best … and therefore I decided to accept the challenge … so from now on (until about 8 days … but I will warn you when his plans are gone) throughout this part of the trip will be his trip and not mine.
Now I only have four hours to rest … hopefully good “Good night to all travelers”.

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