Here we go: Argentina!

So finally we are here…after days of waiting, suffering and preparations till the total exhaustion… Now it’s time to leave for this new adventure. It is totally true that the disappointments in our life push us towards making the most drastical decisions or do things that otherwise we would never do. At the same time they are also the things that drive us to get back in the game, which is what I am doing right now. A drastical decision to get back in the game. As usually, I exaggerate with my things. Some of my friends know what I am about to do, while other ones don’t or they simply don’t care at all. Other ones are not even my friends-yet. So how do they say it in rome ‘sticazzi’? So this is why I am writing on this page. This way I can be a pain in the ass to all those who I count to be friends even in the distance. If somebody wanted to leave this page, oh well… I won’t kill anybody today I am leaving…(currently writing these lines from the airport) the first stop is Istanbul, where a light 10 hours waiting is the program during the night…( 10 damn hours) Fortunately I will spend this time with my mate @Riccardo Trementini who is going to be my traveling buddy in the first phase of the trip. The final destination is the fantastic home country of my friends @Lucia Mercado and @Vanessa Ponz and also that dump Juventus fan @gabriele mamba d’aprano lives there I can already imagine what some of you might be thinking ” Wow, you are going to Argentina?” ”How cool, enjoy your trip!” Or the typical ” You’d better have fun” Well, I am actually going there to reinvent myself not to have fun. This trip is part of a project that will last for the next few years in which I intend to spend more or less 30 days once a year, in full immersion of myself, keeping it in a little box inside of me with the hope and the dream to find ” the picture”. I want that this picture will help me to understand who I am and who I want to be. I have to say though that the sentence ” I hope to find the photo” is not exactly correct. Because they are the ones who find you. A given situation, a moment, a feeling, the color, and everything else. All you can do is to capture it. So here is the plan: go around the whole country from the North to the South and take as many pictures as possible with the hope that among these there will be also ” my photo” Now they are calling to board for my flight so its time to say bye to you guys…If I manage so I will take some pictures even on the plane and I hope to make some small videos as well. As soon as I arrive to Istanbul I will give you an update… Bye everybody, be good

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