Iguazu Falls first part: Argentina!


Oh yes unfortunately for you is divided into two parts this visit, and it could have been in 3 if I went also from Paraguay side, but that I reserve when one day I will make the tour of Brazil.
Arrived in Puerto Iguazu I go where I had booked for the night and settle my things and I decided to take a ride in nightlife of the town.
Necessary to specify some things about Puerto Iguazu:
is expensive … not in the sense of good and gentle but CARISSIMA! Things do not come cheap here and even sleep here is cheap … but with a little forethought, you can find a cheap place to eat. The city looks like one of those that can be found in all sea areas of the world, local right and even as if they were mushrooms that transmit loud music (not quite what you would expect from a town that should make the nature his strong point) and also expensive (by the standards Argentines of course). But if you know you could move to find a place like that in which I did

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All outdoor style Mondello beach 80 years and above at hand and economic. From the center you have two ways to reach the entrance of the national park of the waterfalls 1) taxi or remis 2) taking a bus that brings you a few steps from the entrance to the cost of 20 pesos (€ 2).
The park is the other way (of course) all over of the city … nature too … in the sense that you will not move as much if not do exactly what they tell the guards or employees of the place. Now here some tips that might save you from having the hysterics like those I had.

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when I came (to my way I was smart) I started at the very beginning of the train, “so as soon as I will not have to endure the crush of people,” I said to myself … well WRONG! Climb down the train (last position), because the train NOT lead to the waterfall but at a trading point where it will drop you off and you’ll have all the REDO queue with other people before you, who are already there and you know what he said a person centuries ago? “The last shall be first” and that’s exactly how it works here -.- ‘(so you understand that I was not very smart)
Here you have two solutions: 1) From this point there is a walking path that you can do BUT NOT (I repeat NOT) will take you to the Garganta del Diablo (the most interesting point and higher) but only to alternative routes (if you like nature do it) … but when you come back the tail will be 4 times longer 2) to queue for the next train and try this path to the end, where even if the queue is long, it is allowed to leave it on foot from there (it’s right … if you want go down YES … if you want to climb NO -.- ‘)
Climbed up to the top you will think “we finally arrived” …. yes, even to dream -.- ‘
You’ll have to do a nice long walk on a catwalk where barely 2 people spend in a civilized and human … and as usual, you will find people who do not know what it means to keep to the right and then becomes a path rally
Here enjoy the view as much as possible because it is really worth, all very nice and especially the only loud noise that you hear (and see) are the falls in the distance.


Arriving at the Garganta del Diablo you will find a show that how you look at it could be a disappointment or a wonder to behold (I recommend you do so before Argentina side and then Brazil).


See all that water that falls in that spot is unmatched … and at this point it seems useless to continue to write and leave you to the images but not without first give the last tip: go there with a good proof that cover you as much as possible

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