Iguazu waterfalls second part: Brazil!


I know … I should have done on this trip only Argentina but you cannot see the falls without seeing them from a different point of view: from Brazil.
Tomorrow I leave for Foz de Iguazu (Brazil precisely)
The advice I I give you is to NOT do as I did, that is, take the bus that will bring you from Puerto Iguazu in Foz de Iguazu, because at the border will drop you off and if you’re lucky (imagine if I I can be) in 20 minutes will reach the bus that will take you into town (50 minutes after I sat out in the open in 20 steps counted from the border with the Brazilian federal police looking at me like I was a Colombian trafficker -.-).
If you go on a budget, the cost of this operation is 20 pesos (€ 2)
If the series “who cares about” then a taxi with flat rate (ask for it before though) that will take you to do the checks in Argentina in a somewhat more rapid and the same thing goes for that of Brazil (but depends on the times … because one night I saw an endless queue Argentina side) and maybe even take you directly to your hotel.
Then arrived at the bus terminal … I had to take another bus that took me back (or nearly so in short time and wasted effort) close to my Hostel (well structured and with a pool).
After a walk indefinite (drooling) I arrived and settled the whole thing and I organized for the next day.
So the next day instead of taking a taxi or a remis, I go with the hotel bus with a Belgian couple and arrival at the park, and here triggered the madness: do a helicopter ride?


Attached to the park there is a helipad (ed Helisur) where as a machine during production 2 (or 3 depending on the season) helicopters take turns every 10-12 minutes for the cost of 110 euro per passenger …
I put myself in agreement with the employee and I do place the right side window where I have the free wall more spacious and can take good pictures.
Council also here: choose the left side … and that’s what I did just come down from the helicopter … “Another round another race … it leaves lords”
Besides having had them put on the left side I also fortunate that in 20 minutes it appeared only then that you will see some photos are not very good but the second part definitely is.


End of the road … it goes in the park. Here the queue for the tickets, but that is not long to take the bus that will bring you to one of your probable destinations is quite long.
Another tip here (I feel worse than a priest at this time), bring two or three changes of clothes and a good waterproof, because do the catwalk of the waterfall (the same below) will decline as a newborn chick and in the flood of Midsummer.
If you want to make a stop on extra I recommend the tour “Macaco” that consists of
1) guided outdoor motorized where the guide (my name was Jessica)


He will explain the vegetation and everything exhaustively and do as well as answer all questions.
2) then a few meters from the finish will ask if you want to continue motorized or take a walk in nature. Choose the second option because it is interesting and it’s almost all downhill
3) at the end of the walk comes the tragedy … if you followed my advice to bring about change will not have problems, but if you’re not forewarned, I advice to buy clothes (and a towel) to the store that is before the trip boat on the river bank. Get up and go downstairs to put EVERYTHING in the cabinets below …. and when I say everything I mean EVERYTHING not just the clothes. If you have a go pro in sub version …. that you can keep it with you and you do not think in any way to take things in a plastic bag … if you do not like and make waterproof seal (or even diving) your phone or camera FORGET TO BRING WITH YOU.
This was what they had to tell me to do … Thank God my D4S is water … but not sub damn … I saved almost at the expense of being wet as a sponge dipped in water.
This is because the boat will not only do the tour … but it will take you right under the waterfall … a few words to the wise.

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Come back and I buy all wet clothes (only now) and I change and decide to go out (so now) and go to the Park of the AVE which is opposite to that of the falls.
This “bird park” is not like that of Kuala Lumpur but well worth the visit
Now a bit ‘of photos

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