Journey to Morocco

These photos are the ones that I did in the period of November of 2011. I remember it was cold and it rained often, so if want to make a journey to Morocco during this time of year: forget it.
Of course we must admit that it is very cheap and even the guides are competing (and not only) for those who have to buy up the few tourists who try to turn to the markets.
Useful advice:
1) always seek an official guide: of course they also try to bring in some store to convince you to buy something, but rest assured there will force ever to do so;
2) contracted more: the discount is applicable on all because it is in their culture to a higher price and bargain and never give up … more you try to go down in price more respect towards you will increase;
3) if you take the extra things (food, drinks and so on) do immediately notice that you have not requested because otherwise you will find them on the bill … you’ll think they do everything to kindness … not so all at a price everything is for sale.

And now here’s a little ‘of photos of my trip …

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