Mendoza and the “Sicilia”

Many things unite this city with my beloved region, but let’s go step by step so that I can show you why.
Mendoza was founded in 1861 but an earthquake destroyed the city, causing little more than 4200 victims. The city was rebuilt in another location, a few blocks from the original one, in the hope that not happen over such a thing … of course they were wrong.

It’s the 26th of January 1995 and a major earthquake, at 00:08a.m. between Chile and Argentina (at the border of Tupungato), to 7 on the Mercalli scale, destroyed most of the city since the quake lasted for 9 seconds.
Consider that from 1700 until today there have been no less than 28 earthquakes in the area where the least was the 3rd degree, this makes you realize how this is an earthquake zone.
At this point (ed.n. 1985) the government and the province, built of tiny houses all in series, which still forming Part poor and working class of the city. Yes, because the city is as if it were split in two by a large road, where on the right there are these kinds of buildings, while on the other hand, well protected by a fence and security guards, the villas of the rich with pool and all the comforts you can imagine.
The city, however, on the other hand is quiet (although the juvenile prison is right next to the “favelas of Mendoza”) and petty crime is slowly falling level … of course remains the drug problem … but that’s not my responsibility to deal with .
The city has a beautiful park very large (they are currently renovating a big road that runs through it) and mountainous areas very nice.
Going to the “Cara of Mendoza” (the most important monument of the city),
I run into these guys who go on these huge skate and I remember how nice it was when in my town we played football in the street or we did something else different from being with thumbs glued to smartphones. At this point I like to make them some pictures … judge for yourself their skills and how they enjoy doing things that now in Italy we put on the back burner.
[Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”4″ gal_title=”Mendoza Skate”]
Afterwards we go to the most interesting part (for what concerns me): the production of wine.
First we visit is one of the largest manufacturers of wine “Lagarde” (right now I can post photos, because I await their release), a very beautiful building and, in addition to doing the tasting, they have a beautiful restaurant that, in summer (from them, when our country is winter) becomes a grill outdoors, where in some ovens make everything from pizza to meat.
The second is that to which I have devoted more attention.
Carmelo Patti was born in Enna, but at the age of one year his family moved here in Mendoza. Honestly I did not ask how it is born, the passion for wine and when he started to produce it, but he did taste me a bottle of Cabernet 2002 then definitely least on that date was already active (a goodness absurd). He does not address the large-scale distribution and prefer to make wine in large barrels and wait a long time before it is ready to be bottled. The hustle and immediate profit are not his priority and it is thanks to these two factors, plus the passion and commitment that puts to produce his wine, make it unique and special. I had the opportunity to taste more of a wine but the latter I fell in love (I’ll take 6 bottles that will back home and preserve jealously). In addition he also explained me how to check if a wine is in excellent preservation for any future purchases.
Since he took a liking to me, he autograph a bottle that will not open unless a GREAT special occasion, which may never occur because this bottle is very special. The reason is clear from the label, with this vintage were bottled only 8,597 bottles.

At the end of the day I go to take the ticket of my next stop. Expected departure tomorrow at 12:45 pm, arriving the next day at 7:45 am (again if there are no hitches -.- because the company is the same as two days ago). Next station: Salta!

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