Nature, man and his ingenuity: what a show!

Traveling to Ushuaia I sat sadly on the wrong side of the plane, but I asked a couple of Brazilians to let me take some pictures for me and to make them a little video with my iPhone (this shows that to make a nice picture It also needs a good dose of luck).

The result you will see it soon … but look at the colors that nature can produce and enjoy them with the ingenuity of man on a plane that takes you up in heaven, this is priceless.

What I saw all the time was the sun, that as he hid behind the earth, changed color, first a deep yellow to end up more and more reddish, it is a show that makes you make peace with the world and with yourself. Watching him slowly sinking with colors never seen before made me really happy as a child tasting for the first time the ice cream in summer while outside are 40 degrees.

I really hope to be able to make a picture like that even from the mainland in the coming days and I hope also (finally) starting to do what I came for, to show everyone that the world is beautiful seen from a lens and a camera (whatever that is).

Greetings to all of you this evening, and if you were around you too for your city, or a nation, or to a new continent, make good trip and enjoy it its wonders aloud why we say: the world is beautiful because it is varied … but the real beauty is what then will remain within us of what we have done, both in our mind that our hearts.

Good night from Travel around the World.

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