Puerto Madryn and its Whales

I arrived in Puerto Madryn in the morning at 7:30 after a trip I do not know how many hours (now with the hours of the bus I lost count, but I left to 22:30) and immediately run to the hotel.
The time to check in and I think the crazy idea: “If I went now to take pictures of whales?”
I ask the reception if we can do it … and after a short phone call tells me that soon will pass to pick me …
Pity though that I smelled like a dead goat from 2 months in full mid-August … I run and take a shower at the speed of Superman … I wipe and I change … they are already outside waiting for me and to be honest the driver confessed to me that they were traveling and who have returned just for me O_o
Let’s start to Puerto Piramide and we make a long journey … more than 100 km …. we make the ticket …. and turn from the northern tip to the southern tip and tip not know what … this time I will soon not want to bore anyone … I will leave this time are the pictures speak … those same photos that were my goal from the beginning of this trip …. WHALES
Good vision

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