Rosario…..nothing to say!!

I go by plane to Cordoba and of course I had chosen to check in online window seat to make the video of takeoff and landing … well judge for yourself from the picture


That is the only place where there is no side window precisely, I caught … I remind you next time “Never choose the place number 6”.
Arrived in Rosario I go out and take the first available taxi (I warn you here from the airport to the center is not cheap … we are on the order of 200 pesos … which are 20 euro Our … but here are worth more) and I make friends with ‘driver, and I discovered that the mother was from Calabria, and the father from Trieste (a native Italian but … how strange …). I find that is called Fernando and leads me to the hotel … and guess what? They say that for a mistake of booking they are full and so there is no place for me (but a talisman here in Argentina where I can buy?) … And he sends me to another hotel saying that it is cheaper.

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Fernando (pictured above) took to compassion, tells me that does not make me pay for this trip because it was not my fault and brings me here in this new hotel … now you judge my room because I no longer have the strength to do it.


Fortunately they are very helpful and direct me in a good supermarket to buy a few things for dinner … and here please go and see the article “The Art of Getting No. 4” if you want to die with laughter.

Now desperate I decided to ask Siri, which advises me Espiria and I must say she did well (a kiss to my Siri).


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