Salta … it will pass

Salta is a small town very quiet and frankly there is not much to see … In fact not just arrived, at about 9 o’clock in the morning (after 16 hours by bus), right for me not to miss anything, what do I do? Rent immediately, a guide with cars and I’m going to do another 200 km drive (goes without saying) and I go in the direction of Cafayate. But before I tell you about this city and the others I met, I have a little curiosity that I was told by Alfredo (my driver) about the pictures you see below.
When someone deads ( or someone kills like in the picture below) these lillte sanctuaries are built with all these red flags praising Gauchito Antonio Gil.
Gaucho Antonio Gil was a rural worker, worshiper of the “Holy Death” and that he had an affair with a wealthy widow. But this has unleashed the hatred of the brothers of the widow and the local police chief, who had courted the same woman. Given the danger, Gil leaves the city and he enlisted to fight the war against Paraguay (1864-1870). On his return, he was recruited by an independent party to fight in the civil war Correntina in opposition to the Liberal Party and therefore automatically became a deserter.
Since the desertion was a crime, he was captured, his foot was hanging from a tree with gorse and killed with a cut throat. Gil told his executioner before his death, he should pray for the life of his son, because he was very ill. The Executioner did that, and his son miraculously healed. Then he gave to the body of Gil a proper burial and the people who heard about the miracle, wanted to build a sanctuary. This is the most accredited version among many, as there is a specific story.
The journey continues and we meet Alemania, a town abandoned for a long time, the only ones who come here to spend some of their time are the hippies, who arrive but then they go away … the city is deserted for many years by now, but some construction is remained.


We are moving more and more towards Cafayate and along the way I stop at “Gargante del Diablo”.
The place is lovely (not sure why they call it of the devil) but is not very accessible, in fact, for climbing access (forbidden among other … but they did it all why not me?) I had to get help to people who were already over the barrier, because the weight of my equipment did not allow me to easily overcome the obstacle (you try it with 20 kg on his back O_o)
Inside the inlet the show was even better (judge for yourself).

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The journey continues and this difference of colors strikes me more and more like this river
or as the Sapo (rock resembling the frog)
or rocks that do not have a name but that are very beautiful
and the way it looks the same.

We arrive in the area of the wines (hic … .hic ….) And here I visit the Bodega “El Esteco”, where besides making a tour company (my god what perfume)

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at the end of the tour I meet this sign very “cute”


But of course I do not go away empty-handed … and buy this bottle that has a very particular (and never seen in my life up to now):
nobody knows how many and which type of grapes there are inside. Yes, the recipe is secret, so no one knows anything about anything except the winemaker and owner of the company. If you think that in 2011 there were only 2250 bottles made, Already this makes you understand what may be this wine.


Now you go back to Salta …. but since we are in this country ….but why not make a jump?


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