San Bernardo of Bariloche

Wait a minute, it is not the holy city, but the beautiful dogs that traditionally populate the city.
I had the chance to speak and learn more about Cristina ( you can show her in the picture) who told me the tradition of San Bernardo of the city of Bariloche.
In 1996, a photographer had with him a small deer and snapped photos with tourists in the town square again with the said animal. Everything was going smoothly and he quietly earned a living … and the deer was happy, it was not forced or otherwise, therefore a perfect symbiosis.
One day came the animal rights / environmental activists who said that this thing was not right … ..and so this enterprise photographic had cease to exist.
In the same year (after the crime), the father of Cristina with another photographer, decide to use their dogs to make this new activity. And so it was born the association of photographers, still carried out by family members of these two people. The dogs are almost all related to each other and like each other love and harmony (almost always). The puppy in my hand has only 46 days while the “little guy” that you see in the other picture has 3 months ….We leave out the other because you have definitely realized in short .
Cristina told me that “You cannot say I was in Bariloche if you did not do the photo with the San Bernardo” and this thing is true, because even if the shield of Bariloche is not represented the dog …. it is a symbol of the city and therefore this animal represents the city. So if you were to go from here only to ask Cristina & Friends and make this blessed photos, because in addition to being good is also very professional and friendly (well puts you at ease to take the photograph and recommends you the best position).
In the photos where I am with the wonderful “Brenda”, she is in love with me and licked my face and hair for about five minutes and there was no way of full stop her … I had to remove a minute to make it stop .
Someone asked me what was in the barrel … she explained to me that often put in the Rum or Brandy … so for those who want a sample of these two spirits, they can simply get lost in a mountain resorts of Bariloche and hope to be one of these magnificent dogs to save.

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