Short visit in Uruguay

I depart in the late afternoon from San Ignacio and I go where it all started: Buenos Aires. But my final stage will not be here, in fact, since I’m here, why not visit Montevideo? From here it is very easy to reach, 55 minutes by plane or 3 hours by bus … looking at the price of the ticket opt for the plane (for once).

Montevideo is a beautiful city in some ways similar to my Palermo (30 years ago though) with a bright sun, beach, sea and many people welcome (almost … almost).
Bad idea, however, to leave at 6 am and especially from the international airport for two reasons:
1) the airport is so far away that I had to wake up at 2 am to get everything ready and take a taxi at 3am to be there at 4:20 am
2) get very tired in Montevideo
The suggestion that I give you is to take a plane a little later and especially from the Aeroparque possible.
Other suggestions that I give you are obviously not to change money at the airport (discounted) and do not take no transport type shuttle bus or another, because they will tell you to convince you that it must wait for it to form a group … and see the airport half empty makes you give up spending more than twice. I recommend taking a taxi to the normal ones that are out of the airport and the cost is fixed tariff uruguagie 800 pesetas (so a bare minimum, you always change) that are approximately EUR € 25.50
Another suggestions is that if have limited time you take the tourist bus but ONLY if you are rested and not do as I do that to my usual delivery rocket and then I slept on the bus do not know how long … and I was forced to redo the tour the next day, so the ticket lasts exactly 24 hours thus take the ticket making exact calculations. So I will not speak much of the first day because between sleep in bus and sleep in the hotel … it is not that I’ve seen much even though I EATEN a lot …. oh yes … because here the food is good and plentiful.

File 29-07-15 10 01 12

In the evening I decided to go see the classic show at El Milongon and here before doing crap I rely on Trip Advisor where I read enthusiastic comments on the show but not the food that besides being expensive is not the top (asking people who had made the dinner … and I was right).
Taxi from the local (not given NEVER assume they know all the places thus take them always know the address of where to go) where they tell me, during the booking of the only show, that the show starts at 9 pm …. god … are 8:45 pm.

File 29-07-15 10 06 02

I get a rush and although I have not asked for dinner … there it was the waiter who brings me the menu and offers me a glass of red wine (get the juice or water) … it … we are in south america … 9 pm means 9:45 pm -.- ‘
The show begins and it is useless that I sedd you all the video I made, I send the last one for sure will make you happy boys but not girls (the video is about the final part of the show)

I go to dinner almost at midnight and not be afraid, it’s true that it’s late but you find a restaurant open for sure (some until 2 am) and mine I find it across the beach and finally eat again fish and meat as usual.
I go to bed and wake up at 8 am and I have breakfast and then immediately again in the square to take the bus … and over here in Lourdes … even Paul Brosio with Medjugorje could help me … demonstration against the cuts of politics as usual, there are only on people and thus guess who is screwed to seek another stop as a desperate?


However look at that organization … while parents manifest, a group holds at bay the children so as not to create problems for those who are demonstrating for their rights



and not only .. nothing but Black Block and violent demonstrations … fireworks


a loudspeaker telling people why they were marching apologizing and smoke bombs …


all WITHOUT create the least damage to the society in a civil manner.
Lunch time I had already been to the market the day before so I decided to come back the next day here in this picture my good reasons


This city was also partly built by Italians and there are even areas where many of them were called directly from our country to do work fine and I am proud of this. In the slides that will put under, I must add a note only, the great cross and the small church are the memories of John Paul II when he came here to celebrate Mass and thus a historical memory is very important for this country.
As usual I always write a lot so now enjoy Montevideo

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