The Argentina pharmacy

How many times it happened to not want to go to the doctor and ask for help to open pharmacy on how to solve our little problem?
Well to me often, because the wait queue to the doctor is often nerve-wracking, and you’re there to hear stories and complaints from old ladies on how it got the romance between Brook and Thorn (but these two are still alive?) or as in “you’ve Got Mail” De Filippi has solved world hunger or the crisis in the Middle East.
Well, I too have had this unfortunate idea of going to the pharmacy to Bariloche.

Fault of the cold, I bit the lips slightly and gave me a slight infection (stomatitis), so it seemed quite clear that I needed an ointment or something like that … within the pharmacy and show the infection, and the pharmacist who was on duty (I can be damned!!) I said “this is herpes” and I insisted that it was not, it gives me a medicine to be sprayed on the lip “I recommend three times a day.”
After one day and a half I go back in pharmacy noting that the infection had increased and I find another pharmacist who was on duty, who sentenced “herpes” and explain again that it was not …. It seems to surrender and give me a cream.
I leave for Esquel but no signs of calming the infection. But I think the ointment need time to take effect.
Fourth day, I have a lip like after a fight with Mike Tyson and I decide to go to look at medical. I leave for Puerto Madryn and after the tour of the whales I put myself in the head to let me see a doctor. Here I put myself in a row and I have only one person ahead of me who hurries in 30 seconds (WOW), so I can get. The doctor speaks only Spanish, but just looks at me tells me immidiatly that is a bad stomatitis and asks me how it is possible that I may be reduced as well. At this point I leave the two medicines and show them to him saying that I had recommended these in pharmacy.
The doctor tells me: “But what did they give you? These 2 are used for those who have herpes. ” What I tell you? Curses and much more that are out of my mouth in all languages of the world including Aramaic. He prescribes to me an ointment to put on lip least 3 times a day. Here I discover that even in Argentina someone tries to avoid paying taxes and asks me 300 pesos …. but when I request a receipt to be sent to my private insurance it makes me with a certain nonchalance “So you have to 400 pesos, because 100 are for taxes” (“che te possino”, as they say in Rome).
Arrival in pharmacies but, for my happiness, I find it closed …. I continue walking … second … pharmacy closed. third closed …. a doubt grips me and I wonder “but even if it says saturday open? what is happening? ” And here Mark comes to my rescue and stops at the pharmacy (the third) and tells me that he too will look for a open because today is NATIONAL HOLIDAY (but you look at that bad luck). Not all evil comes to harm and never give up, I ask Mark if he could accompany me, and he makes available and after 5 minutes we find an open pharmacy. How work pharmacy in Argentina? So bad, I might add, and I’ll explain why.
Step 1: the tail number.
As in most pharmacies, or common places where there are long lines, comes off the number and expects the turn, when they call you go there and ask for what you need. When the pharmacist finds you the medicine what happens? No way that he gives it to you. I’ll put it in a sealed envelope to the supermarket with a combination code, the series Mission Impossible, and tells you to go in front.
Step 2: the tail of the tail
Here comes the drama because the pharmacy there is not only the area medicine, but also the health, hygiene, perfumes, children and everything else. Therefore they put you in the queue, such input stadium, with its turnstiles and slowly you walk. Therefore if you think you hurry now, you’re wrong. Before paying the medicine you have to face at least 30 people in the queue. Maybe it was a holiday, I do not know … but it seems that all people needed for something. I pay and I see that in the perfumery something interests me … and I say, “Come on … there is a chest you will not redo the tail” …. I ask … and she says me that after taking what I wanted I need to redo the tail …. I turn around …. I look …. and I see 50 people, as if it was the concert of Laura and Chiara …. put it back in its place and say “no thanks, I do not need more”

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