The art of getting by: tutorial n° 2

Well boys and girls, today we continue our tutorial “The art of getting by”.

In the first tutorial I explained how to change a multi plug power strip connector of your country to the one where you are. Do you remember it?
Vi ricordate vero?
Well, now what happens if in the same country, in a hotel, instead use your own socket, or another type, and therefore you did it all for nothing?
Well, never losing heart, in everything there is a remedy … and in my case it’s called: “Hey ugly stupid, you had to buy the converter before leaving, but you have dumb luck to find it here in a shop”, but in short: bsdcicpdpmhufsatqiun (so it’s easy right?).
Well, see you at the next tutorial and I recommend you… well follow my advice … in this way you too can go crazy.

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