The drawback is always behind the corner

Well, where were we? Oh yeah … the mega 24-hour journey from Puerto Madryn to Mendoza by bus. Everything is going as planned … all quiet … all right (except, as usual, that the food they give is just cheese, dessert with milk and always things milk based), and coincidentally … how I said in another article: “bad luck around the world “! We were stop two hours and 40 minutes in Neuquen, a charming and famous (and who knew her before today -.-) Argentina town that has a terminal HUGE.
The reason for this prolonged stop? A coincidence that a passenger must take this our own bus, does not come because it had a breakdown. Ok I understand, poor guy, the one who has to take the bus and it is still there. But I that I have to do 24 hours and thus become almost 27, does not count? Sorry selfishness … They also said that it would be left up at 19:10 the same … then we start now … after one hour … and we’re starting …… at the end …… we’re going to take us to a mechanic.
Now do not for the fussy grumpy Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs .. I understand that times are a utopia here … but I seem exaggerated now.
In all this the positive note … I could go down and buy a nice sandwich without cheese (they have had to do specifically), that without this prolonged stage I could not eat pratically nothing … and other positive note, they do not need water and so I bought the bottle also to drink.
Only that, despite the kindness of the employees of the company (do not write the name of the company so we avoid libel suits …) I must admit that this was the worst of what I used until now.
We assume that the food was not very good (but that is not serious, is already so that they give you in a bus) and leave out the fact that instead of water or else they give you only the soda and you cannot choose other …. and we omit even that is specified in the bathroom that can only be used to pee.
but damn … it is possible that to my right, in the wall of the bus, I saw more than 3 cockroaches not exactly small?
I must say that I am not afraid of anything, except just these annoying creatures … but this journey is changing me … I was so tired, that I made them flying with a tap on the person behind me, and I fell back to sleep and I do not care whether by their own side or not. A trip like this temper you from all points of view.
Well …. if everything goes well ……. we are ruined!

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