The elements of nature: Air!

Well albeit a day late here’s my day of the 1st of July 2015
If you follow me on my blog or on the page travel around the world you have probably seen that I was in one of the mountains of the Andes and exactly in the National Park of Ushuaia. It was a real challenge to get up there and then this thing deserves not just a photo but a video everything for you.
No waiting a minute? You thought that I would really climbed up here on foot?

They were two days that I organized this thing and the weather was on my side … appointment at 11 am in the hotel by myself and then go to the old city airport (land at Falcone Borsellino is a breeze compared to this post) that is also a military air-sea (pictured military shoveling).

Timely arrival at this airport but here there that said the Argentines takes over “In Argentina it is the” time “that decides what you can and can not do” (and you thought).

Finally a light brightened around 13 and I communicate, however, that you will not go in the Andes Mountains National Park but it will make a canal trip a bit ‘longer, never mind better than nothing.

Let’s starts and I’m behind at the start because in front of me there is a child and his father sitting to my right (not a phrase taken from the mass oratory) and to have it complete the station out to connect (upside) the go pro and guess who has all the material to do that?
I’ll publish the video later

Fortune favors the bold and sometimes even the losers … the pilot communicates to the control tower that there are spells and will make attempts to see to get inside the park … you continue to look for a place to land. .. nothing … we turn elsewhere …. nothing …. but here as in a cartoon Simpsons get a sunbeam that lights the pitch of snow to land … after a slight maneuver to clean around the yard … it land.

Stay up there is a phenomenal thing, you look around and see how it can be incredible nature … I have nothing to add … look at the photo gallery and video return … because I can write (and speak ) so … but in front of these things there is nothing to add.

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