The elements of nature: Earth and Fire!

Where we left off? Oh yeah … the harbor where I waited for the bus (late monstrous), then go up and it’s off to the next destination: a huge shelter in the mountains to 30 minutes (needless to say I slept a lot on the way). Here waiting for me there are other adventures:
1) sled dogs
2) Land Rover version Tank
3) the nature of the fire (that’ll tell you later)

1) Sled dogs:
you’re never ready for something that was never done, especially if you were born in a town where the most of the snow you see it with binoculars on Monte Cuccio.
What to know about dog sledding is very important: you put your pants waxed because that chair as well as being wet is cold to die, and then go in jeans like a picnic (as I did) is absolutely WRONG.
As soon as I sat down I thought I’d be back in the boat … but the fantastic husky immediately think to me that is not so, and especially their leader behind me yelling at the dog to go (who do not really want to know to go fast), if someone wanted to know the name of the guide dog was “Marcellino” (at least I think so because shouted his name million times).
After several breaks (Marcellino did not want to lead his faithful companions to their final destination) and four frostbite to his hands to try to make a decent video (video husky), we arrive at our destination: a shed with a huge fire to warm.
Here to welcome us there is the “cook” of the evening called Pepe. Makes us sit (same applies as for the sled so this time I was standing all the time before the fire) and those who ask to make a presentation slight … who Brazil … who Argentina … who Mexico … in short, all of South America … it’s my turn and I say in Spanish “I am Vinny and I am from Palermo”, a voiceover says “From Capital”, I answer with a resounding “No, from Italy”, and where I wanted to say only those four words I find myself talking to Italy and consequently Hungary, because as a good fool that I said that I do not live in Palermo for a while …. in a nutshell: I was the center of attraction.

We start the “comida” with a stick of meat and vegetables in the head … I must say that the technique of cooking endeavored in this shed Indian style, but without cover, I was very impressed
Oltre agli spiedini il cibo e le bevande vengono mantenute calde
In addition to skewers, food and drinks are kept warm with the containers at the foot of the fire. Afterwards they serve lentils with meat stew style Bud Spencer and Terence Hill (you know those were beans but the situation was very similar) with bread for dipping. You understand that although it was not exactly a real lunch but, in those moments, everything is warm you back in life. And here comes a dear and old friend: the hot wine! Alleluia!

Finally a fruit, that in the dark I could not understand what it was, but at that point, and what the heck, is not sweet sucks … Eat it!!

The return is for some heroes with snowshoes…. other fearless again with “Marcellino & Friends” … others with Snowmobiles … and I, for once without knowing it, another stroke of luck, I choose the Land Rover …. here I thanked the saints in heaven to letting me make that choice.

I returned to the hotel I prepare the luggage that is tomorrow night … woke up at 4 a.m. (so I slept only three hours) and 5 a.m. to the bus to the new destination: CALAFATE!

Ps: I’m considering that changing the name from trip around the world in bad luck around the world.

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