The elements of nature: Water!

And here we are at because I was in the boat after the mountain … the tour was scheduled for the previous day but guess what? Due to bad weather it was not possible to make a well loved BIIIP!

Then landed from the flight to the 13 run by taxi (if ok walk but kidding?) To the hotel to pick up things that I will need for the rest of the day (emergency batteries, three feet and various equipment) that will be very long. I eat a Kroger (photo): a sirloin with red fruits of Calafate and a puree of carrots and steam with a breathtaking view.
I finish at 14:30, and I call the taxi that does not arrive at the port … appointment was at 14:45 (these usual “italioti” latecomers have thought), so to prevent this thing I call the agency and with a great Spanish I tell him that I pass the boy input that comuniccherà that be long for a problem of taxi (yes, I know … I speak Spanish but in these emergency things better to do to those who speak it better than I do). I get in the room and take everything on the fly and go down again (I was ready the night before) and the taxi was there waiting for me … arrived almost on time pay the departure tax (15 pesos) and hand over the voucher purchased morning before the girl from the agency: Paola. HA 22, and told me how you ended up there in those parts.
She was born in Buenos Aires, but at the age of 7 months the mother for reasons “military” (yes…..military) moved to the south just to Ushuaia which was once exclusively a military area and therefore she is now a feeling of the place, so he knew everything and everyone (photo). I must say that besides being cute is also a very nice, cheerful and eager to help everyone and everything (gracias Paola).

We get in the boat and our first destination is the Sea Lions …. what a show … look at yourself (group of pics)
Paola explains that there are two types, one like the African lion with the mane and the other without (I was not very attentive to the lessons I hope that the “professor” does not take offense).
Later we move to another island that is not only populated by sea lions there are also many Cormorants (and here I followed the lesson). Penguins seem at first sight … but they are not because they can fly.

At this point we do the 3rd stage and we head towards the lighthouse at the end of the world (and even here I followed the lesson).
In reality this is not the beacon of end of the world, the last lighthouse is located to the south … but as in the book of J. Verne put on its cover this lighthouse … all consider this … except citizens of Ushuaia that as optimistic people consider their city “The beginning of the world.”

4th stage is not feasible … you had to go to an island and walk to see other things … but the snow was so high as to block the walk and then after a brewve passage on another island full of sea lions (of one horny).
Here replaces the Piero Angela in me: they will mate only one month a year for the remaining period instead are making their Harem … so if, for example, have 10 females enjoy only one month a year with all and 10 and then are watching … (if it were otherwise it would be nice instead it goes wrong).

Return to port at 18:28 where little I will go to take another bus to another adventure … but thank you again Paola for being there with me to wait in the cold bus I went to take.

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