Ok the journey did not begin in the best way. Not hear the alarm and miss the flight makes it more difficult, but my watchway is “never give up”.
I run to the airport and return the ticket and so I can leave at 12 pm for Odessa.
Obviously not all plain sailing and since my arrival is scheduled at 01:30 am -.- ‘
It was just that … The Chinese next to me takes off his shoes, socks and puts a strange thing on his feet next to me staying barefoot: I want to die!


Instead his wife eats a strange smelly mush bought who knows where …I cannot do it!!!!

Landed in Moscow I do a nice tour of the airport and therefore the permanence of more than seven hours I believe it as sightseeing, then “cheating” I can mark it as a place where I was 🙂 (ok ok I do not, I was joking).
I decided to spend the last 4 hours before leaving for Odessa inside Blues Business Lounges of the airport


that even if it is small and nothing special, I enjoyed that there was confusion and it was enjoyable.

At Odessa airport waiting for me a taxi and with approximately 10 euro brings me to your destination city.
Here waiting for my friend Tania that will help me to visit the city but unfortunately I lost half-day tour, so I can get into some of the local nightlife of this city that first shot looks good.

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