Ushuaia: Rio Gallegos

Departure by bus in the morning at 5 … fatigue and sleep that will not tell you.
Another useful thing for your travel: always remember to bring food and beverages extra and especially in small doses. I very cleverly thought buying a 2 liters bottle of water and the outcome was having to leave the hotel, it has its take, the result was not to drink until the border with Chile (then shortly after 4 hours).

If you take a map (or google maps) you can see how there is no kind of connection between Ushuaia and the rest of Argentina by the mainland. Asking the driver (Fernando) because of this thing, to answer me as odd is that for the treaties that we have been in the past between Chile and Argentina.

Another curious thing: we have asked about 10 times before our arrive, if we had fruit or meat or sausage or anything that has not been cooked, because the rules are very strict on the border. But let’s go step by step … get to the first border control that is Argentine.
Here, in addition to verifying our documents, go to scan our luggage … obviously my turn I was stopped by the police officer on duty (hallelujah … I may have a little reassuring face (photo)) which asks me to open my long container to see what I have (photo tripod) and of course to my explanation, I do the pictures around the world, I asked to see my equipment … and there, down with questions … but not her .. . my fellow travelers … where I come from … what I do …. who I am …. where I go … we were missing only to be told “1 florin” (cit. film: “Nothing Left to Do But Cry”).

One thing I do not came back … I saw the Argentine border but not the Chilean … “Excuse me, but where is the border with Chile?”,to my question the policewoman replies “about 35 km from here”.

Let’s talk about the guy who put the stamp on my passport to “exit” from Argentina, which was very nice and polite. It made me questions about Palermo and Palermo soccer (he also knew how it was done our logo) and was prepared on the Argentine players who in recent years have worn our shirt (he also knew that it pink and black … for those who dig in our region are doing is not just good for the moment). But I think it’s because people know they have just arrived in America Cup Final and that one of the goals (beautiful) was Javier Pastore.

In short, they have a no man’s land for more than 35 km (as I understand it) and look at the scenery I can also understand why (photo). At this point I have to ask the questions to Fernando, where I ask precisely why doesn’t exist a small strip of land where the Tierra del Fuego may be communicating with the rest of the country (just to the treaties of the past and because the policy of the government is not that much interest then the south of the country) and fruit / meat that we can not bring in Chile.
Here his answer me a little crowded out, because in Argentina there is a bacterium that is killing many plants and also the meat is kept under tight control by another bacterium that can lead to death. The most incredible thing is that even if the two lands are separated from the same country, have the same problem …. but the bacterium that Chile is in the middle seems is immune thanks to the controls.
Here are my questions surrounded him and ask: So how do they bring things to the south?
“The trucks that go from north to south, and on the contrary, and carrying food, are tightly closed before the entrance and are also sealed. So in theory you could carry all through Chile WITHOUT any type of control as the Chilean police is not authorized under any circumstances to open these containers (I’m sure that you are imagining my own scenarios).

Arrived at the border of Chile, they made me the usual questions … but only after more than 5 minutes of verification of my passport (many Italians do not have to go from this point), and as a last question: “Is it the first time that passes from here ? “… I was blown away for about five seconds, because that kind of question is that? You do not see from the terminals? Oh well it was not a bad cop (ntr  all policewomen to the Chilean border), then indeed it was also nice oh well … go over: “It is the first time here in Chile and in Argentina”.

Note to be included for those who want to do this route by bus: on board you will serve drink and food … but bad luck seems to me that the only thing we know in this country it’s cheese, and when they can not even skim dairy products, I remain dry with some chips bought in a small camper lost in the wastes of this wasteland (photo)
And also be prepared for a “surprise”: during the journey pass the broom to clean everything and even the rag, perfuming the whole bus. But to squeeze the “mop” does it with his hands (remember not to shake his hand when I take the bus) (photo).

1:40 p.m. finally the landscape changes: you can see the sea and the blade 🙂 and you board a ferry.

Through a channel (photo) I see how beautiful it is also Chile (although a bit monotonous at the moment, but we are very normal in the south) and I could even think of us a trip in the future .. the thing that is affecting more They are farms Lama. But I could imagine something like that .. I thought it was a fantasy of all European and instead there they were grazing as if there was no tomorrow (photo). Unfortunately time was short, and then I caught one … but enough to make you understand how beautiful too.

Back to scene of first.

Arrived in Rio Gallego at 4 p.m. and then bus at 8:30 p.m. … good trip to you.

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